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These are our standard features and available configurations for our 32", 36" and 42" sleepers.

Standard Features

Weldon Rivetless Construction 
Well Insulated
Annodized Aluminum Skirt
Hinged Bed Board
Under Bunk Storage
Clothes Bar
Smooth Vinyl Interior with Privacy Curtain
One Full Door with Aluminum Vent on Driver's Side
One Interior Light
90" Width
Painted One Color (Multi-Stage Paint Extra)
Installed FOB: Fort Worth, TX

Available Configurations

32" Standard Fleet

Includes 28" Foam Mattress
Base Weight-400 lbs.

36" Standard Fleet

Includes 32" Foam Mattress
Base Weight-400 lbs.

42" Standard Fleet

Includes 38" Innerspring Mattress

42" Midrise Raised Top

All Standard Features Plus:
32" Foam or 38" Innerspring Mattress
12" Midrise Raised-Top
Base Weight-600 lbs.

42" Seat-Bed Combo

All Standard Features Plus:

Fold-up 32" mattress with seating area 
The seat-bed combo gives the driver a comfortable 
place to get dressed or allows for additional riders 
when necessary.  Not available on Tilt-Cab or 
Drop-Frame units.

42" Raised-Top with Wind Scoop

Includes 32" Foam or 38" Innerspring Mattress
Features built-in Wind Scoop on roof of sleeper
Note:  The raised-top interior rises from 4" in front to 26" in back.



Popular Options available on 32" and 42" models

TV Shelf

Seat-Bed Combo

Heat/Cool Slave Unit

Integral Air-Ride

Tool Box Door

16" x 14" Window (Largest available for door)

Additional Vent

Standard Cloth Upgrade

Multi-Stage Paint

Midrise Skylight Windows



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